Montgomery Ward

Montgomery Ward

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Montgomery Ward

Benjamin Franklin is credited with honor of creating the first mail order catalog, selling scientific and academic books by mail in 1744. Secondly, was Hammacher Schlemmer, in New York City, which sold tools and hardware in 1848.

However, Aaron Montgomery Ward makes history in 1872 with the first ever “mass” mailing of the mail order catalog. Catalogs were mailed to even the most remote families in America.
Montgomery Ward department stores became icon’s dotting the country and based in Chicago, IL.

Unbeknownst to many, such as me, Rudolph the Red Reindeer was created by a copywriter for Montgomery Ward in 1939.

By May of 2001, Montgomery Ward was gone. Today Montgomery Ward still exists as its former self through catalog sales.

This Montgomery Ward feed sack is stunning. The color of the rust exhibits a perfect patina. It is a great representation of a “JunkMaster” – you know who you are! This is truly one of a kind!

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